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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.               24!

English service. We have pardoned fifty in this
and the last war, under similar circumstances;
nay, we have forgiven all the Americans, and were
they not English subjects ?

I made use of these arguments, and urged the
absurdity of a law which must have more excep-
tions than rules; for what becomes of emigrants'
children born in England, if ever they hereafter
serve against us on returning to the country where
their property lies ?

I also mentioned that if Long suffered, it was
probable retaliation might ensue.

How could this statement offend? But I will
bear all very patiently, and if I am recalled, shall
return to my plough with the satisfaction of hav-
ing done my duty. Perhaps, as the negotiations
are begun, and the prisoners likely soon to be
released from all parts of France, my presence
here will become less necessary.

FontainebleaUy September i^th, 1797.

I have not written lately, for reasons which
you   will   have   learnt   from   the   public   papers.1

i On the 4th of September a revolt had taken place,
from a conspiracy for restoring royalty being found  out,

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